Demand More from Your Whiteboard
Kaptivo is the easy way to upgrade your trusted whiteboard to a digital collaboration system

Kaptivo Whiteboard

Save Everything
Never face the “do not erase whiteboard” sign again. Download individual whiteboard image or multi-page timeline presentations of your complete workflow timeline.
Share in Real-Time
Keep everyone on the same page. Live stream online using any web browser on any device with no downloads, share via video conference, or send through project management apps.
Crystal Clear Images
Squinting to see the board? Not with Kaptivo. Automatically capture whiteboard images of important content without glare, smudges, or people.
Secure Company IP
Cell phone whiteboard photos aren’t just terrible quality, they’re on unsecured devices. Control how your whiteboard images are saved and shared with Kaptivo.

Video conference systems you love, now with whiteboard sharing
Bring the flexibility and creativity of a standard whiteboard into the conference systems you know and love.
Simply login to your video conference and screen-share content or use one of our direct integrations.
Works with BlueJeans, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, Lifesize, StarLeaf, Vidyo, and others.

Whiteboard images so clean, they look digital
Capture and share your board content in vibrant color on a clean, crisp background. Every marker stroke is enhanced to improve legibility and remove smudges.
Moving people, hands, and markers are removed from the image to ensure you can focus on the content in real-time as it is updated.
Can your phone or webcam do that?

Share your whiteboard with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Automatically live stream your whiteboard content around the world or across the room.
Individuals log into Kaptivo’s secure browser-based web app to view the whiteboard content in higher quality than in person.
There are no apps, plug-ins, downloads, or complicated log-ins.

Collaborate now, review later

Focus on the discussion. Forget transcribing board notes or struggling to see low-resolution whiteboard photos.
Individual snapshots allow you to save and share only the most important images.
Multi-page PDFs enable you to review the entire session.

Keep IP off personal devices and in your control

Without Kaptivo, employees are forced to take cell phone photos of whiteboard content or use webcams to bring whiteboards to remote teams.
Insecure personal devices make important company information vulnerable.
SSL encryption and approval protocol for whiteboard sessions ensure your intellectual property and sensitive information stay protected.

Simplify project management
Keep the team efficient and in sync by adding your whiteboard images directly to your favorite project management software.
Use the Kaptivo to record assigned tasks, priorities, workflows, and more
Share directly to Slack and Trello in one click

What’s Included?
Kaptivo device with advanced integrated optics and embedded image processor that automatically enhances images while removing glare and body parts
Control pad, installation hardware, power cable, and power supply adapters for North America, Europe, and UK
Access to kaptivo.live web service, providing live streaming platform for easy access anywhere on any device, automatic saving and sharing of content, and integrations with project management software

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