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LTHDMI88E_DefaultThe Leaf 8×8 matrix switch is capable of distributing 8 HDMI (3D, Audio/Video) sources to 8 zones utilizing HDBaseT Technology. In addition to HDMI, the LTHDMI88E is also capable of distributing bi-directional RS232 & directional IR, Ethernet (10/100), and analog audio to any of the 8 zones. Stereo HDMI audio or digital audio (s/pdif) can be converted to analog and distributed via the au­dio matrix to any zone throughout the system. Using HDBaseT as the medium, it requires a single Cat5e/Cat6 as the only cabling between the matrix and the zone with distances up to 328 feet (100 meters). It is also flexible enough to use the Leaf LTB1, LTB1E, LTBSR or LTB8 as room breakout units. The LTHDMI88E is easy to set-up utilizing leafs auto-EDID calibration system and features Leaf’s unique zone lock technology.


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